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I’ve been a member of UKIP since 2005. This was meant to be a blog giving my personal view on what was happening inside UKIP, with what it was doing and where it was headed, as well as on the most important topic in modern British history – Brexit. My hope had been that UKIP could be rescued from the disastrous effects of Gerard Batten’s failed leadership, as well as the general malaise from a string of previous failed leaderships (including, quite honestly, Nigel Farage’s!) A new leader with a firm grasp of the party’s manifest failings, a clear plan to fix them and a vision of a viable and vibrant political future nearer the political centre-ground was UKIP’s hope, and mine. But, with Battenite and self-confessed puppet Richard Braine now the newly-elected leader, and with the asylum clearly overrun by the far right inmates, it is clear that any hope UKIP might have returned to political relevancy and electoral success is gone. It was with sadness that I took the only action possible – I resigned my membership of UKIP. After 14 years I am no longer a member.

I had always said that if the BNP had brains they’d be dangerous. Fortunately they did not, and where are they now? Gone, having achieved nothing. However, it must be acknowledged that Batten and his followers have organised a very effective coup of UKIP, suborning it now entirely to the interests of the Far Right. This organisation does reflect some brains behind the scenes, and the evolution of the far right in this regard should concern us all, and not just because we lost UKIP to them. It’s not over for the coup either – their next step is to vote in a new, Batten-friendly NEC in November. From there we can expect Batten to be allowed to return and, after that, to re-writing the constitution is a short step. After which it is almost certain a well known convict called Tommy Robinson will join the party. Don’t be fooled by Braine’s interview on Sky News today – he knows the current NEC won’t back his choice of deputy, but he also knows the next NEC will. And it is this organised and mow inevitable removal of the current NEC that will be the deathblow to UKIP as a viable political party. What was once a party open to people from across the political spectrum will become a straight-forward, intolerant and exclusive far right political party. They won’t win seats in parliament, and probably will never win a local council seat ever again either, but that is no solace. We are watching the death of a political party that *might* have been able to achieve something no mainstream political party ever would. That was my dream – and it is dead.

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